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We're a small but mighty boutique wine region in the South West (three hour's south of Perth, right next door to Margaret River). We proudly produce some of the best Western Australian wines on the market. In fact, our two main wine regions, Pemberton and Manjimup, turn out some of the finest cool-climate wines you'll find. Our Pinot Noir and sparkling wines have been garnering a big reputation – and a fair few gold medals have been pinned to our Verdelhos, Sauvignon Blancs, Chardonnays, Shirazes and Merlots, too. 

The majority of our wine producers in Pemberton and Manjimup support their businesses by selling their small-batch, artisanal wines directly to consumers or through local distribution networks. So while times have been tough recently, we're excited to now be welcoming people back to experience one of the most diverse food and wine regions in Western Australia. And for those that can't be here in person, please visit our members' websites where you can buy WA wines online. 



The Southern Forests Wine Regions association (formerly known as the Wine Industry Southern Forests) was established to promote and support the wine producers of Pemberton and Manjimup. While these two geographical indication (GI) regions are distinct and have their own rich winemaking heritages, they also enjoy many commonalities. These include terroirs perfect for making high-quality, cool-climate wines, natural beauty marked by sky-scraping Karri-tree forest, and close proximity to some of the country's most diverse and exciting gourmet food producers.

  It's the association's goal to raise awareness about some of the best WA wines being produced in the Southern Forests region and increase both business opportunities for our members and visitors. We do this through collaboration with industry stakeholders such as government bodies, tourism associations and local operators – including our good friends at the Southern Forest Food Council, who represent agricultural producers in the region working under the Genuinely Southern Forests brand. 

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We're boutique. Not big.

When you walk into a Southern Forests cellar door, chances are you'll be welcomed by the person who has tended the grapes and bottled the wine with their own hands. And we're a friendly bunch, so we like to share our stories along with some top-notch wine tasting. 

All this adds up to a personal experience, a rarity these days. We specialise in wide-open spaces and relaxed attitudes.

Made with love.
Not mass produced.

We're a collective of owner-makers. We put our hearts and souls into producing world-class wines; when you purchase a bottle from the Southern Forests, you're helping to keep the dream of artisanal viticulture alive. 

What's more, as the majority of wine producers in Pemberton and Manjimup are small-batch and hands-on, we take the time to do things right. No one loves our pristine forests and waterways more than we do, so we adhere to green production methods to ensure they're protected. The result? Bespoke, sustainable wines that are crafted with care.

Our terroir is terrific. 

In fact, it's second to none. And it's the whole reason we create not only some of the best Western Australian wines, but wines that hold their own on a global stage.  


But what exactly is terroir? We're not using a French term just to be fancy. In a nutshell, it refers to the conditions that shape the biology of a grapevine, and the character of the wines it produces. These factors range from temperature and rainfall, to soil type and drainage.  

In the Southern Forests, we're lucky to have rich loamy soils, plenty of rain and a cool climate that allows for exceptional ripening conditions. It's why we now enjoy a reputation as one of Australia's premier boutique wine regions. 

We're a well-kept secret. 
(But closer than you think.) 

There are benefits to being a hidden gem. The pace here is unrushed, our swimming spots are uncrowded (and yep, we have plenty). You won't find yourself competing for ground on a hiking trail, or struggling to find a spot to pull up and enjoy the scenery. 

But the Southern Forests is also conveniently located. It's only three and a half hours's drive from Perth to Manjimup; Pemberton is just another lazy 30 kilometres down the track. What's more, we're spittoon-throwing distance from more than half a dozen other awesome South West towns. So why not try something a little different for your next road trip? 

We've got a little something to go with that wine.

Truffles. Marron. Cheese. Smoked meats. Avocadoes by the bucketload. There's even been a couple of apples invented here. We're one of the oldest food growing regions in the state, and it shows in both quality and variety. 


From roadside stalls brimming with heirloom vegetables to vineyard restaurants with a view, you find some of the best food and wine in Western Australia here in the Southern Forests. And to help you in your gourmet discoveries, we work closely with the Southern Forests Food Council, who always know what's in season and have a range of resources that will point you in the right direction, whether it's freshly picked produce or a great meal you're after.

Photo by Frances Andrijch,
courtesy of Australia's South West


Here are some stories about the wine producers in Pemberton and Manjimup who are members of the Southern Forests Wine Regions association. To buy some excellent WA wines online, please visit their websites to purchase direct. 

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Clint and Mel Robertson,
Chateau June-Jerome

The dream of creating the perfect drop while building a sustainable family business serves as inspiration for Clinton and Melissa Robertson of Chateau June-Jerome.


Stuart Hutchinson, 

Truffle Hill Wines

A tree change followed by a serendipitous encounter led to a whole new life and career in wine for Stuart Hutchinson of Truffle Hills Wines.


Monica and David Radomiljac, Pemberley of Pemberton

Monica and David Radomiljac are continuing a family legacy of diversification and commitment to quality at Pemberley of Pemberton.


Ashley Lewkowski, 

Lost Lake Wines

It was a passion for Pinot Noir that led winemaker Ashley Lewkowski and his family back to Pemberton to take over the custodianship of Lost Lake Wines.


Di Miller,

Bellarmine Wines

As the winemaker at Bellarmine since the label's inception, Di Miller is one of the veterans of the Pemberton viticulture scene.


Andrew, Sue and Saxon Mountford, Mountford Wines

Andrew and Sue Mountford have always subscribed to sustainable winemaking practices; now their son Saxon is continuing on the family tradition.


Mark and Tracey Aitken,

Woodgate Wines

As one of the region's most prolific contract winemakers, Mark Aitken brings a sense of experimentation to the label
he runs with his wife Tracey, Woodgate Wines. 


Kate and Shaun Woods,

10 Chains

Kate and Shaun Woods named their business after a reference to the region's early settlers and they're continuing on the pioneering spirit with their independent, robust wines.


Vic Peos, 

Peos Estate

As a member of one of Manjimup's founding dynasties, Vic Peos draws on generations of winemaking expertise and local farming nous for every glass of fine wine he produces.

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Photo courtesy Below & Above

John and Kia Klepec, 

Below & Above 

With their wine label and truffle business, John and Kia Klepec are focusing on the best of what grows both below and above the ground.

Ardal Nigg.jpg

Photo credit Ardal Nigg

Ardal Nigg,

Hidden River Estate

Chef Ardal Nigg brings a love of good food, nature and fine wines to his cellar door, restaurant and vineyard.   


Photo courtesy Picardy

Picardy, Pemberton

Producers of Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc. 


“The Southern Forests region is best known for its impressive tall-tree forests, but the area is rapidly gaining a reputation as an under-the-radar food hub, with 80,000 hectares of agricultural land producing 50 varieties of fruit and vegetables, not to mention a booming wine scene.”

“The Southern Forests region is best known for its impressive tall-tree forests, but the area is rapidly gaining a reputation as an under-the-radar food hub, with 80,000 hectares of agricultural land producing 50 varieties of fruit and vegetables, not to mention a booming wine scene.”

Ute Junker, The Sydney Morning Herald

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