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Meet the

wine producers of the southern forests



When you walk into a Southern Forests cellar door, chances are you'll be welcomed by the person who has tended the grapes and bottled the wine with their own hands. And we're a friendly bunch, so we like to share some stories along with some top-notch wine tasting. 

All this adds up to a personal experience, a rarer find these days. In fact, some people like to say we're a bit like Margaret River used to be ten years ago. You certainly won't have to battle it out with the tourist-bus hordes over here: we specialise in wide open spaces and relaxed attitudes.

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Made with love.
Not mass produced.

As we've mentioned, unlike most other wine regions, we're free of corporate players. Our winemakers put their hearts and souls into producing world-class wines; when you purchase a bottle from the Southern Forests, you're helping to keep their dreams of artisanal viticulture alive. 

What's more, as we're small-batch and hands-on, we take the time to do things right. No one loves our pristine forests and waterways more than we do, so we adhere to green production methods to ensure they're protected. The result? Bespoke wines that are crafted with care.

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Our methods
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Our terroir is terrific. 

In fact, it's second to none. And it's the whole reason we create wines that can hold their own on a global stage.  


But what exactly is it? We're not using a French term just to be fancy. In a nutshell, terroir refers to the natural conditions that come together to shape the biology of a grapevine, and therefore the character of the wines it produces. These factors are many and varied, ranging from temperature and rainfall, to soil type and drainage.  

In the Southern Forests, we're lucky to have red loamy soils and tktkttktkktk {ADD INFO HERE). It's why we now enjoy a reputation as one of Australia's premier cool-climate wine regions. 

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We're a well-kept secret.
(But closer than you think.) 

There are benefits to being a hidden gem. The pace here is unrushed, our swimming spots are uncrowded (and yep, we have plenty). You won't find yourself battling for ground on a hiking trail, or struggling to find a spot to pull up and enjoy the scenery. 

But the Southern Forests is also conveniently located. It's only three and a half hours's drive from Perth to Manjimup; Pemberton is just another lazy 30 kilometres down the track. What's more, we're spittoon-throwing distance from more than half a dozen other awesome South West towns. So why not try something a little different for your next road trip? 

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Visit us
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We've got a little something to go with that wine.

Truffles. Marron. Cheese. Smoked meats. Avocadoes by the bucketload. There's even been a couple of apples invented here. We're one of the oldest food growing regions in the state, and it shows in both quality and variety. 


From roadside stalls brimming with heirloom vegetables to vineyard restaurants with a view, you won't go hungry while in the Southern Forests. We work closely with the Southern Forests Food Council, who always know what's in season and have created a range of resources to help you get to grips with the gourmet offerings.

Food and produce
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